Classical Conversations Tri-Fold Board

I know it is early but I like to just go ahead and get things done while I have the chance.  Since we will be participating in classical conversations community, I thought I would go ahead and get my tri-fold board made up and have it ready for August.  I found this idea over at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.  I am so thankful to have stumbled across her blog because it has been a huge help.  CC seems a little confusing to me so when I saw the board, it totally clicked.  I think this is the perfect solution for our homeschool, especially for a Kindergarten level.

I made labels for each of the subject areas and a header for "MEMORY WORK."  This was 8 page protectors placed landscape style in rows of four across the bottom.

I finally got most of my sheets printed out too.  I did not buy the timeline cards for CC because I personally thought that they were to expensive.  Instead, I chose to use timeline cards from (it seems as though they may have recently gone out of business?) These have been wonderful.  I can print out as many copies as I want, use for as many projects as I want and they are small enough so that I can store the future cards we will use in the orange pockets.  BTW:  they aren't anywhere near as expensive as the CC timeline cards.

I also changed up my board a little bit.  In the far left corner I put a place for the Pledge to the Holy Bible and on the other side, the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also, in the middle section of our board (underneath the "memory work" header), I left a place to put an "About Me" section.  Here we will work on memorizing our address, phone numbers, city, state, county, etc.

Stinker #1 is very excited about his new board (we'll see if that changes).  It isn't finished yet but this is what we have so far.

I'm still processing my feelings about Classical conversations.  I really connect with the Charlotte Mason style of teaching children.  I get mixed reviews as well on how classical and CM styles work together.  Some say they complement each other nicely, while others suggest that they are completely opposite one another.  My style is 99% Charlotte Mason but since we are joining in on the community, I am giving classical a chance.  Even though the classical curriculum will not dominate our day, I figure there can't be anything wrong with memorizing a bunch of facts.  What are your thoughts on combining Charlotte Mason and Classical styles?