Homemade Laundry Detergent!

I love finding new ways to be frugal.  It is kind of like a hobby for me.  When I heard about making laundry detergent I jumped on it!  Now, I know that making laundry detergent is old news and that there are thousands of recipes and that it is pretty common.  To me, though, it wasn't common so I had to check this out!  The first batch I made was a liquid recipe and I used it for a long time.  I personally love really good smelling clothing though and I just wasn't getting that with my liquid recipe.  I even added some lavender essential oils but it still didn't smell as good as I had liked.

That's when I came across this recipe for DRY laundry detergent that works well in a front loader!  I immediately gave it a try and have been HOOKED ever since.  I also have to mention that I have been told that this one recipe will last an entire year!  Now, I am obsessed with doing laundry so I don't really see that to be true but still, for the price of this, even if it just lasts half of a year I will be coming out WAY ahead. Let's just say that I made this batch (doubled in size) in January and I still have half of a 5 gallon bucket full.

The recipe:

3 Bars of Fels Napatha laundry soap
1 Box of Washing Soda
1 Box of Borax
2 Cups of Baking Soda
1 Bucket of SUN oxy clean (5 lb)
1 Container of Purex crystals (fabric softner)

The Directions:
Shred your Fels Napatha laundry soap bars (this is super easy if you just use a cheese grater)
Mix all of the ingredients into a large 5 gallon bucket
Use 2 TBSP per load of laundry.
(Note:  Save your SUN tub, it works GREAT to put smaller portions of the detergent in so that you don't have to always be getting out your big bucket)
You can find a printable version of this recipe in my Recipe Box.

Use 2 TBSP per load of laundry.

So, for around $25 bucks you can have a TON of laundry soap that clean wells and smells GREAT!  This is cheaper than even the cheapest detergent at Walmart.  And, since I have a fascination with Borax, I can't end this post without mentioning that Borax has a natural antifungal/mildew quality to it so your washer won't have that nasty mildew build up smell EVER AGAIN!  I have a front loader and I have been using this with mucho success!

I haven't decided yet just how I am going to "fancy up" the containers for gifts but I know I will come up with something!  This is a Lipton Tea container that I cleaned up.  This soap is really pretty with the yellow Fels Napatha and the blue crystals.  I think in a cozy basket with some ribbon this will be an adorable and FRUGAL gift! I'm still formulating my ideas on how to give it! :)

 Happy Washing! :)
You can find my updated post of newly made detergent here.
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